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"Superspective" refers to a point of view that transcends the person who holds it. It is not influenced by personal insecurities, preferences, loyalties, or criticisms. It is steady, impersonal, and unshakeable. Its holder has overcome doubt. And yet, its holder has personal preferences, is loyal to family and friends first, and celebrates the differences between people. A superspective recognizes the value of these things, not in spite of its impersonal nature, but because of it.

The mind that has achieved a superspective has endured, adapted to, and resolved its pain. It has found a way both to cope with life's hardships, and to show vulnerability despite them. It has a strong connection with its emotions, which it experiences without apology. In short, years upon years of intensive introspective thought leads ultimately to superspective thought, which allows the mind to think naturally once again.

Anyone is capable of developing a superspective. Children are born with it, and lose it only gradually in response to pain that they do not yet know how to overcome. Despite this, many people will not recover their superspective. They may not have the support systems, emotional energy, or time to spend beyond enduring their daily circumstances.


My goal is to provide such a support system, and encourage introspection. It is my belief that the shortest route to developing a superspective is through internal resiliency and self-actualization. When just one of us holds a superspective, we contribute to the world and help others in the way that comes most naturally to us. Everybody wins. In my personal pursuit to develop a superspective in myself, I seek to develop it in others.